Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Heritage from the Heart - August 2010

I am Laura Lou Tolle Fitzpatrick and I have been invited to write a monthly column about Heritage Village Happenings. My family created Heritage Village over 30 years ago, starting with the Heritage House. The Heritage House is the birth place of my grandmother, Edna Eubanks Barco, and built in the 1800's. My grandmothers sister, Ada B and husband Harvey Edwards lived there for many  years of their marriage, after the girls grew up. Aunt B was well know in our community for teaching piano and voice in the Heritage House. To keep their memory and heritage alive, we chose to create Heritage Village with the estate they left our family.  Today, the Heritage Village District houses over 15 unique specialty shops on North Citrus Avenue. I would discribe us as an Artsy group that has an eye for detail. The Village people not only offer unique treasures and experiences but also events that make a lasting memory.

Some of the events we are known for are: The 24th Annual Scarecrow Fest, Trash N Treasure, Let's Talk Turkey, Save the Ta Ta's, Let it Snow, "Egg"stravaganza, Red, White and Blueberry Day/ Patriotic Parade on Wheels, Football Fun Day, Back to School "Kick Off", Friday Night Lights, Market Day with Art, All About Me, Playdates at SuGaBug Kids, and the list keeps growing…

The Events to look for in August are Friday Night Lights, Aug. 13th, Classic Rock DJ/Tom Zapp will fill the air with outdoor music, while shoppes stay open till 7 p.m..  Market Day with Art will be from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. on Saturday Aug. 14th. This event is looking for local farmers, artists, and crafters.  Thursday, August 26th is "All About Me".  The Cotton Club and is joined by other shoppes that have speakers to educate those who have an interest in health and beauty! Dr. Richard Castellano, Plastic Surgeon, is the featured speaker for Cotton Club.

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Laura Lou Tolle Fitzpatrick
Project Coordinator & Developer
The Shoppes of Heritage Village

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