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My Heritage from the Heart - May 2010

Beulah Katherine's Beginnings 

With Mother’s Day in May, it seemed only fitting to learn more about my mother’s childhood.  I have definitely decided I needed a tape recorder, which I will purchase very soon, there are so many details and I don't want to miss a thing.  Until then, I don't want to miss another deadline of our newsletter, so I have put together enough to hopefully hold your attention till the next edition, so here I go...

Mom was born on the eighteenth Day of September, in 1925, to Edna E. and Hugh Caffey Barco.  Her given name was Beulah Katherine Barco. She was named after both of her grandmothers.  "Beulah" came from her grandmother on her mother’s side, "Beulah" Aveaduline (nic name "Kitty") Eubanks. "Katherine" after Katherine (Katy) Caffey Barco on her father's side.   She arrived on a Friday morning, at 8:35 a.m. at Marion General Hospital , in Ocala Florida . I did find her weight was 8 lbs but could not find her length.  The delivering Physicians name was Dr. Harry Walters, and his nurses’ name was Brinson.

At that time, there were no hospitals in Citrus County .  Mom said that she recalls her mother (my mema) saying she went to the hospital a couple weeks ahead and stayed a couple weeks after delivery.  She said that is just the way it was done back then!   I came across a letter from Granddaddy, while Mema was in the hospital.  It had “BARCO HARDWARE COMPANY” as the header with “General Hardware, Marine Supplies and Caskets” as the description. Caskets…hmmm...interesting mix don’t you think?  Granddaddy’s Hardware store was located in what is now 554 N. Citrus Avenue .  Schrade’s Taekwondo & Kumdo is located there now, with Mainstreet Gym above. Mom said he & the Sparkman family built that building jointly. The Sparkman family had a dry goods store on their side. Anyway, back to the letter, he spoke of how busy business was at the time, and to gather up the bills, while she was in the hospital, so he can "settle up” and bring Mema and Beulah Katherine home. Ha-ha Today, there is no way that method of "settling up” is possible...lord with the insurance procedures and was so simple back then.   Mom also mentioned that Mema said Mildred Scriven Milton was at the Train Depot waiting for their arrival.  The Depot is located on Crystal Street , downtown, and today home of the Crystal River Lions Club. Granddaddy said that when the train arrived, his horn got stuck and it just carried on!  He always joked that he was making the announcement of her grand arrival... and it was on purpose!  Ha-ha Back to Mildred, she was a petite black woman that was a big part of my memories of the home place (Heritage House)…the best cook EVER! WOW…she must have been VERY young when she started working for them.  She was actually a part of their world before Mom’s birth…trying to calculate…Mom was born in 1925, I recall her being a part of everyday life at the “Heritage House” as far back as the late 60’s (I think even later but I will play it safe).  So over 40 years for sure! I am hoping I can find some pictures of her to share in the future.  By the way, Mema and Granddaddy lived for a few years in the cottage that houses "Cakes and Creations" in Heritage Village today, during the first year or two of Mom's life. 

Another treasure I found, while looking through boxes of pictures, was a newspaper clipping from when Mom turned ONE.  It was titled “Baby Girl Enjoys Birthday Party” and here is what it said “ Beulah Katherine Barco, adorable little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Barco, celebrated her first birthday last Saturday, September 18 at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Eubanks.  The table on which the birthday dinner was served was prettily decorated in blue. Mrs. Barco used crepe paper in artistic arrangement. (Ha-ha this is cracking me up…now I know why details are so important in my world)  The young lady in whose honor the affair was given, could not enjoy the delicious chicken dinner but was given a bone (ha-ha what???) She received some lovely presents, however.  Among them were dolls, pearls, a pretty sweater and money.  Only members of the family were present.”  Ha-ha  Now this article is priceless…WOW… talk about up-close and personal…I am still giggling about giving Beulah Katherine a bone…ha-ha too cute!  

By the way, Mom was an only child, and on the Eubanks side of the family, the only grandchild.  I bet she wasn't a bit spoiled by all the lovin'... During the first few years of Mom's life, they lived in Crystal River , surrounded by family on both sides.  This was a good thing, because some unexpected health problems were about to change the Barco family's life...  Unfortunately, I will have to continue in the June edition because I truly need a tape recorder....hope you enjoyed a piece of Mom's beginnings...
Happy Mother's Day Mom...I hope you are enjoying "your story" and I love you!

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  1. I have pictures of your ancestors that came from a home in Gainesville, Florida ... my mother had them as the home was a friend of hers and I acquired them when she passed away, just found them and researched your grandmother as the pictures are baby pictures of your mother's parents ... please contact me if you would be interested in these photographs.
    Debbie Whorley 770-235-0070